The link between employee experience and customer experience explained

When employees have a good experience at work they ensure customers have a good experience of your brand. We look at why this connection is critical for business success. 

Anyone who doubts the link between the customer experience and the employee experience should read on. Companies that are leading the way on customer experience have 1.5 times as many engaged employees as those that fall short on customer experience. And 63% of those highly engaged employees always try their hardest at work, compared to 42% of disengaged employees. These statistics are from the Employee Engagement Benchmark Study 2016 ( by the customer experience research organisation, Temkin Group.    
It almost goes without saying that engaged employees are going to give customers a better experience than those that aren’t engaged. And a good customer experience is good for business. Very good for business in fact, according to figures from the global research organisation Gallup. Its research shows that companies with a highly engaged workforce outperform their competitors by 147%. (Gallup again:

Here at Creative Bubble, we think the link between the customer experience and the employee experience is pretty much indisputable. Before going any further, let’s establish exactly what we mean by the two terms.
The customer experience is everything the customer experiences (sees, hears and feels) when visiting your shop, whether that shop is online or a physical store It includes what the shop looks like, what the products are like, how easy it is to navigate, how helpful and friendly shop assistants are, customer returns…. Everything in fact related to how your customers experience your company. And that experience needs to be consistent across all interactions.

It’s the same with the employee experience – that too is determined by your employees’ interactions with your company. Is it friendly and welcoming for them coming into work? Do they feel valued? Are their skills developed? Is it a good experience for them? When your employees have a consistently good experience at work, engagement levels are higher. They are having a positive experience and they want to pass that positivity on to customers and colleagues and to the organisation as a whole. 
The employee experience has become increasingly important the past few years. According to research by Deloitte Insights (, the employee experience is now a major priority for employers (as well as for employees, of course). Almost 80% said it was very important or important. Despite this, only 22% said their company was excellent at building a differentiated employee experience and 59% they were not ready or only somewhat ready to address the employee experience challenge.

The customer experience has also shot up the corporate agenda in recent years. Another big piece of research, this time by the research organisation Gartner (, says customer experience is of paramount importance. More than two thirds of marketers say their company competes mostly on the basis of customer experience, with 81% saying they expect to be competing either mostly or completely on the basis of customer experience within two years’ time. 

So both the customer experience and the employee experience are big news.  As we always tell people, the two experiences are inextricably linked. For example, if one of your USPs as an organisation is that every experience your customer has with you will be easy, smooth and hassle free, it needs to be the same with your employees. Do they find it easy and hassle-free to request a meeting with their manager? To book time off? To apply for promotion or a piece of training? You need to promise and deliver the same experience to your internal customers (your employees) that you promise and deliver to your paying customers.

Deliver a GREAT experience to your employees and they will deliver a GREAT experience to your customers.